It is a 3D arcade game - the goal is to win the race avoiding obstacles
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The Zoo Race is a 3D arcade game. It has 8 different race tracks (though in the demo version you can only play the Cain's cavern race track). The goal is to finish the race, but you have to avoid the obstacles that slow down the speed of the competitor, for example, fire geysers, piranhas, hurdles, and barriers, it also has shortcuts and secrets. The food on the road gives energy to run faster. There are 8 different competitors: horse, cougar, rinho, pig, sheep, bear, goat, and tiger. Each creature has different features: running speed, swimming speed, jump speed and strength, for example, horse and cougar can jump high and run fast but they have the worst swimming speed, rinho can knock the barriers but jumps poorly. The game includes the story with biblical passages and songs that can be played from the main menu - creature party. Only sound and volume controls can be adjusted, it doesn't have options to change the graphic resolution. The cost described is for the downloadable version, the CD Rom version costs $13.33. Minimum system requirements are: Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, Microsoft Windows 98, and Directx 9.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can select between 8 competitors, each one with different running speed, swimming speed, jump speed, and strength capacities


  • It doesn't have options to change the graphic resolution
  • Some shapes have low resolution
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